Hood Catz -  501-C Non-Profit Cat Rescue

 All of our adoptable rescues are fixed, vaccinated and parasite free.
 Donation is requested to offset some of our costs

Please email us with what personality type, age, and/or sex of cat/kitten you are interested in and we will promptly get back with you as it is difficult to keep this site current with often daily changes.

"Baby Boy" is a beautiful 9 week old kitten. He and his siblings are fairly calm kittens compared to most, they fall asleep when you hold them. He is fixed, vaccinated, Aids/leukemia tested negative and parasite free.

Mr. Butters is a flame point Himalayan. He is fixed, vaccinated, AIDS/Leukemia tested negative.
He is a sweet and calm cat. He will do best as the only per in the home. The vet said he is probably around 8 years old


Alina is a small dilute calico that is mostly blind and around 2 years old. She is very smart, loving and playful. If you do not notice her blue eyes you would never know she is blind. Her other senses are supercharged and she can play with toys, climb up on her cat furniture, follow you around and has always used her litter box. Absolutely amazing.

Tipsy is a sweet 6 month old kitten. She is a little shy still but with a loving environment she will blossom into a faithful and loving best friend to her human.

Luna is a beautiful sweet and intelligent small 2 year old cat.
She doesn't care much for other pets so best as only pet
She will make a great addition to someone that wants one loyal, loving pet.
She is fixed, vaccinated, AIDS/Leukemia tested negative and parasite free (the collar in pics is a calming collar not flea )

Micaela is a fluffy sweet 2 year
 old Maine Coon mix. She has all white paws and medium length soft fur with big paws. She is a chill cat and will be a wonderful addition to just about any home looking for a sweet calm kitty.