Hood Catz -  501-C Non-Profit Cat Rescue

 All of our adoptable rescues are fixed, vaccinated and parasite free.
$75 adoption fee requested to offset some of our costs.

Mary and Martha are named after friends of Jesus Christ as their birth date is 12/25/2016.
They are a bonded pair that are extremely loving and gentle yet playful. The are currently located in Freeland, MI.
They are AIDS/Leukemia tested negative, vaccinated and spayed.

"Sushi" is a small dilute calico that is mostly blind. She is around 2 years of age. She was pregnant living with around 30 other cats in a filthy, condemned, fully packed with garbage, abandoned house (second pic is the fire department removing the kitties). How she managed to find something to even eat is astonishing. 
April 1st she gave birth to her babies. She was the best mommie cat ever! They have been adopted and she is lonely. She has always used the litter box, gets along well with other animals and LOVES her humans. All she wants is to spend time lying next to a kind and patient person who will pat and talk to her. She is very smart and gets around well considering her blindness. 
She is AIDS/Leukemia tested negative, fixed and vaccinated.

Hello my name is Jade. I am a very sweet loving 2.5 year old tabby female. I am currently living in a small cage and have been pulling out my fur from stress. I promise to be a great addition to your family if you will give me a chance at a wonderful forever home.
AIDS/Leukemia Negative, fixed, vaccinated, parasite free.

$75 adoption fee.

Additional pictures of loving rescues in Cleveland which are fixed, vaccinated and ready for their forever home can be found at Lucky Paws Rescue. Click on the link below: